CH Holly Hollow’s Highland Melody, JH CGC – “Melody”

Melody's second major - Summer 2000
Melody is everything I ever wanted and more. She earned her Junior Hunter title at just 10 months old, her Championship at 26 months old and is the mother to 5 wonderful children. (Mel’s kids) She is my constant companion and my best friend.
OFA Good

Am. Can. Ch. Bartay’s Baker St. Suspense CD JH
Ch Bartay’s Tobe Cont’d For Shojin JH CD Ch. Buteo’s Colorado Ch. Buteo’s Firebird
Ch. Buteo’s Night Owl
Ch. Shojin’s Meghan Of Firethorn CD JH Ch. MacAlder Best For Shojin WDR
Ch. MacAlder Fire Of Shojin CD
Ch. Shojin’s Luv Ya A Lot Ch. MacAlder Best For Shojin WDR Ch MacAlder Mr. Chips TD
Ch. MacAlder Penelope
Ch. Shojin’s M and M Ch Buteo’s Great Miami
Ch Shojin’s Meghan Of Firethorn CD JH
Ch. Pineridge Remember Rose CD JH CGC
Ch. Brentwood’s Magnum PI Ch. Greenglen’s Gypsy Rose Ch. MacAlder Clansmen Ian
Ch. MacAlder June Bug
Ch. McAlder Upland Hunter Ch Clansmen Colourguard TD
Ch. Greenglen’s Gaelic Essence
Pineridge Silhouette Of Samson Ch. Samsons’ Absolutely Oscar CGC Ch Samsons’ Sensation CD TD
Ch Samsons’ Always Annabelle TD CGC
Ch Samsons’ All About Abby CGC Ch Gordon Hill Alabama Slammer JH
Samsons’ Sequel To Sassy TD

Melody is the proud mother of:
Brynbar’s Betcha By Golly Wow, JH
CH Brynbar Cast A Spell, JH
CH Brynbar’s Good Golly Miss Molly CD JH
Brynbar’s As You Like It JH
Holly Hollow’s Duchess of Windsor


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